Exclusive Brand - Living Quarters

( 304923-K)

Home is where the heart is and what makes a home is the cherished memory of all the happy times spent together with the family. The living spaces of a home are where the family comes together such as watching television in the living room, celebrating the birthdays and feasts in the dining room and dreaming of your future in the privacy of your bedroom.

Living Quarters helps you furnish every living space of your home to make it stylish and comfortable so that your family can then live out their own special moments. Stocking the latest range of stylish products that a home could ever possibly need for the living room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen and bathroom, customers will be spoilt for choice when looking for any functional, decorative or gift item for their home.

For the festive periods, Living Quarters should not be missed because it offers the best selection of gifts and decorative ideas for the home. Whether it is for Christmas, Hari Raya Idilfitri or the Chinese New Year, Living Quarters offers a superb range of home products each festive season.