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PASAYA is a brand of textile products for living lifestyle and personal adornment. The brand was invented with a belief in mind that the pleasure of living can be enlivened by the "Passion for life". Thus the core philosophy of PASAYA is to create products for enhancing the passion of each individual.

As a textile designer and manufacturer by ourselves, we have a better chance of: Designing by Pasion; Producing with Innovation; And Aiming for Utilization.

We believe that quality is rather a concern than a process.

We believe that tradition is an experience but not the Inspiration.

We believe that value of textiles is tangible, not just perceivable.

We believe that the merit of product is functionality while beauty is enchantment.

We pledge to create textiles by love and by passion.

THE UNIQUENESS OF PASAYA - Unlike other fabric brands, PASAYA has her own facility of production from yarn composing, twisting, plying, fabric weaving, yarn dyeing, finishing down to sewing stitching for made-up goods, such as curtain, bed linen, table cloth, home garments and accessories. It is a vertical line of production from yarn to products, from design and development direct to consumers and end users.

THE FACTORY - The factory of PASAYA is found in 1995, located to the west side of Bangkok in Ratchaburi province, 78 Km by distance. It is a sizeable estate of 64 hectares or 640,000 sqm where you may find it by Google Earth at 13°43'17.03"N, 99°54'42.83"E. The premises comprise of 6 production buildings, 1 canteen and 14 units of dormitory. At present, year 2011, the factory has about 800 workforces. With her unique canteen named Octospider, PASAYA is seen as a tourist stop-by for shopping at her factory outlet, while Octospider is serving as a restaurant for all day long to visitors.

THE GREEN POLICY - Following the "Green Factory Policy", the factory has accomplished the project of "Water Recycle" by treating the effluent and reusing it for dyeing process. Thus ensure the clean environment for the community near by. Other than this, energy saving and empty land utilization programs have been installed while products and productions are assigned to participate in "Carbon Footprint" program.

LE CREUSET is a French cookware manufacturer, best known for its colorful enameled cast iron casseroles. Since introducing the signature round cocotte in 1925, Le Creuset has continued to be one of the most distinguished brands in cookware worldwide. Made in France, the brand is best-known for its enamelled cast iron pots, pans, cooking and serving dishes, and also produces a range of wine accessories, which bring fun and sophistication to the uncorking of your celebrations.

Counters are located at the following Metrojaya Department Stores: Mid Valley

JEAN PERRY was established in Yoong Onn Corporation Berhad in the year since 1997.

With our designer, Yolaine Borghini, taking control of the collection design, customers will be treated to beautiful bedlinen featuring intricate and precise detailing with a European flavour.

Counters are located at the following Metrojaya Department Stores: The Curve, Mid Valley, Brem Mall, Plaza Pelangi, CityOne Megamall, Suria Sabah

These Jamie products tell the complete story from cooking to serving, eating, drinking and storing with fabulous textiles adding vibrant accents.

Distinctive design and excellent quality make this absolutely Jamie, while the colour palette flow through all ranges allowing the consumer to mix and match, adding to their Jamie selection across the seasons.

Vintage colours are inspired by nature and the materials used appeal to a sense of nostalgia while being current and on-trend.

Our fresh and fantastic 2013/2014 ranges make cooking and eating, both indoors and outdoors a pure pleasure.